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Nature of Counseling Services

Counseling is not easily described because it varies greatly depending on the counselor, the client, and the particular concerns being addressed. Typically the process involves regularly scheduled sessions - usually 60 minutes in length. Duration and frequency may vary depending on individual needs and the complexity of the concerns.

Like most doctor - patient relationships counseling requires active participation and cooperation from the client - both during and between sessions. In fact, I find that most of the change happens in between the sessions. It’s what people do during all the other hours of the week that really makes a difference.

Benefits and Risks

Counseling has both benefits and risks. Potential benefits include improved emotional stability, better social and family relationships, increased productivity at school or work, more effective problem solving, and the resolution of internal conflicts.

Possible risks may involve increased awareness of distressing emotions (i.e., sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, guilt, loneliness, etc.) and the recall of unpleasant or traumatic events.

While it is difficult to predict or guarantee specific outcomes, I will do my best to help you minimize the risks and maximize the benefits.

Procedures and Methods

Counseling usually starts with an evaluation that may last from two to four sessions, and involves the use of interviews and questionnaires to understand the history and context of your concerns.

During the evaluation we will be deciding if the services you require can be provided, and if enough trust and confidence can be established for you to feel comfortable discussing your personal concerns.

In the counseling sessions we will focus on the major issues and concerns in your life, as well as the important things that have happened since the last session .

Between sessions it is important to think about what has been discussed and work to integrate it into your life. You may also be asked to take certain actions, such as practicing new behaviors, reading a relevant book, or keeping a log or journal to track your progress.

Social Media

I do not utilize any "social media" services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, of Snapchat, etc. I do accpet inquiries about my services and requests for appointments via email through the contact page on this website.


To provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where all clients can talk openly about their concerns, I require that all weapons (firearms, knives etc.) be left outside the office and locked in you car. 

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